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"Nothing is permanent except the things you create temporarily."

A book by Tero Moliis

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  • Powerful & Honest!

    "I highly recommend this book! It is powerful, honest, captivating and unusually raw."

  • A Thoughtful Read

    "It's an easy and thoughtful read. A very entertaining book, like a story, with anecdotes and examples that explain the messages well."

  • It Stays with You

    "The book had a very profound effect on me, it left me thinking and revaluing many things about my life. It's a book that stays with you."

  • Fluent & Deep

    "It's fluent and fun to read, and truly has no unnecessary words, but its depth takes longer to sink in. So prepare to have the opportunity to find your best version today."

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I am an experienced serial entrepreneur & business developer, advisor, educator, mentor, and game & UX designer, with a proven track record in a wide array of industries. Passionate about disruptive innovation and technology, learning, travel, books, boardgames, craft beer, and astrophysics.

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