My name is Tero, and I am currently 49 years young. Born in Finland, but lived most of my life around the world, currently in Mexico. I am an experienced serial entrepreneur & business developer, advisor, educator, mentor, and game & UX designer, with a proven track record in a wide array of industries, and as founder of multiple start-ups. I am very passionate about disruptive innovation and technology in general, learning and unlearning, travel, books, ultimate, board games, craft beer, and astrophysics.

My most valuable skills are creativity, problem-solving, improvisation, critical thinking, communication, storytelling, perseverance, resilience, gamification and fearless decision-making. I am not at all skilled at pinball, and surely among many other things that I have yet to learn! I am a lifelong learner and a lifelong unlearner too!

I have created multiple podcasts and shows, including CafeConAutores, The Unprofessional Show, and Books & Beers, and I am also the published author of multiple board games and of "Life Is A Sandcastle", a book about living in the present and being happier!

So please, let's connect! Thank you.

Via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/teromoliis/
Via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cocoterosincoco
Via email: tmoliis@gmail.com
Via phone or whatsapp: +52 81 8088 9899
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